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You wonder why the world is spinning out of control and political correctness has you confused. You feel like you cannot express your opinions, wonder whether view matters and what difference you can make. Come lend your voice.

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Perspective changes everything. Without a compass aligned with God's word, we follow worldly philosophies that lead us astray. Come in and examine today's issues that face our world and the church . . . from a biblical worldview.

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About Us

A National Speaker/Author and Worship Leader, I feel an urgency that God's people humbly bow and ask for God's intervention. His people need to be informed and to humbly communicate the truth. Let's get the conversation started . . .

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Wondering what's next on the black & white podcast? Join us!

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Together we can preserve and stimulate a biblical perspective that breathes grace, truth and hope in a desperate world.

Black and White Podcast

Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States

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