About Us


Denise Pass ~ Seeing Deep in a Shallow World

Denise Pass is a National Speaker, Worship Leader, Recording Artist and Author of Shame Off You  and 31 Days to Hope Reinvented. Married to her "kinsman redeemer", and a home educator of 5 (4 in college), Denise ministers with her husband and children for musical concerts/events and speaks at conferences through a ministry they founded, "Seeing Deep Ministries". Through horrific traumatic events in her life, Denise has emerged victorious with a message of healing, hope and honor to help people find courage to go deep into God's word in a shallow world. Find her blog, books, music and podcasts at www.denisepass.com


Angela Donadio - Make Your Life Matter, No Matter What

Angela Donadio is an international speaker, recording artist, and best-selling published author of “Finding Joy When Life is Out of Focus: A Study of Philippians for Joy-Thirsty Women.” As the founder of Voice of the Voiceless, she advocates for deprived pastor’s wives and children in Africa. A survivor of two near-death experiences, she is passionate about motivating others to “Make Your Life Matter No Matter What.” As an Ordained Minister and Women’s Pastor, she serves alongside her husband, Dale, Lead Pastor of River of Life Worship Center in Fredericksburg, Virginia. She’s an adventure junkie, mom to two young adults, and blogs regularly at www.angeladonadio.com


Did I mention we like to have FUN?

Though we might be covering some controversial or heavy topics, we are firm believers in doing so with joy. God has a sense of humor and so do we. Our podcast might be discussing the black and white issues of our day, but with lots of splashes of color! Join in and add your two cents in the Facebook group just for you!