Black and White Podcast

A Christian podcast of Radical Grace, Raw Truth & Real Hope in a Gray World

About Us

Denise Pass ~ Seeing Deep in a Shallow World

If words can move a soul to draw near to God, then may I endeavor to do so. I write and sing words to heal and give courage to press on in this crazy life. Come and see the deeper purposes of God in a shallow world through my ministry, Seeing Deep Ministries. An author, women's conference speaker and worship leader, I teach from the Scriptures how to be set free and live the abundant life Christ promises. The author of Shame Off You  (August 2018) and 31 Days to Hope Reinvented (July 2017), I am married to my "kinsman redeemer" and also a mom of 5 whom I was blessed to home educate. I am burdened to help people be released from shame and to give them a hope that never fails in Jesus Christ. 

Micah Maddox ~ Finding Purpose, Peace and Calmness in a Chaotic World

A women’s conference speaker, Bible teacher, writer, blogger, and author of Anchored In: Experience a Power-Full Life in a Problem-Filled World. I am passionate about helping women find purpose, peace, and calm in our chaotic world. As a pastor’s wife and mother of three, I also contribute my time to MOPS and my local church (including serving as a women’s ministry leader). You know those things in life that hurt real bad, but they’re hard to talk about? Those are the things I write about – the things that make people feel powerless.I believe when we break down the walls of what we think reality should be and realize what it really is, we begin the process of healing from the inside out.

Did I mention we like to have FUN?

Though we might be covering some controversial or heavy topics, we are firm believers in doing so with joy. God has a sense of humor and so do we. Our podcast might be discussing the black and white issues of our day, but with lots of splashes of color! Join in and add your two cents in the Facebook group just for you!