A Christian podcast of Radical Grace, Raw Truth & Real Hope in a Gray World

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Are you weary of the platitudes and political correctness that poison the airwaves? We are told we have free speech and then told that our conservative viewpoint is biased, outdated and "deplorable" just because we have a point-of-view that lines up with Scripture. What is a Christian to do?

Just what Jesus said to.

Speak to the world with grace, truth and hope. Oh, and in a loving manner. If we bash the world, how can they hear? But when we come alongside and persuasively speak a biblical perspective in a kind manner, we just might affect someone's eternity. That is much better than just being silenced 

while people perish for lack of understanding around us. 

Join us as we faithfully share God's truths in a post-Christian era. Treading on topics that the church and Christian culture might prefer to avoid, we hope to do so in a God-glorifying manner. Share topics that you would like us to cover and please pray for us as the LORD is the One Who enables us. God is not through with our culture yet.